Nerbo is the result of years of study and research of professional refrigeration, with the aim of creating architectural wine solutions that combine custom design and state of the art technology.

Nerbo offers custom made design and living experience made of beauty and functionality. 

Exclusive materials include a complete stainless steel construction, which ensure durability and easy-to-clean surfaces for professional use, complemented by the exquisite aesthetic of glass and aged metal finishes.

But our units are not only beautiful on the outside. The internal bottle racks can be completely customized and natural materials such as stone and wood can be added, for a timeless charm.

Each piece is a unique blend of performance, design and high quality materials. 

Our units are designed and created by a professional production team to provide an effortless yet luxurious entertaining experience. Each piece is 100% custom-made in Italy with the latest artisanal techniques and the very best refrigeration technology.